Cyrille Auxenfans Real Estate Business Tycoon Fell in Love With Mallika Sherawat

Real estate business is the most attractive business in the world and second largest business behind agriculture. Real estate brokers and sales agents help customers buy, sell and rent. The term real estate means real or physical property. Real estate also refers to producing, buying and selling real estate

Residential real estate includes both new construction and resale homes. The most common categories are single-family homes.  Commercial real estate is parts of the commercial real estate of shopping centres and malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels. These are parts of real estate for buy or sell these property need experts who helps to safe transaction with write agreement. Real estate is focus on building aesthetics and structurally remarkable projects. A complete service land development industry which provides the best commercial properties and residential properties

Cyrille Auxenfans is licenced real estate agent in Paris France. He is helps to buy and sell real estate property or we can say he is real estate business tycoon in Paris. He is Provides real estate services ranging from residential sales and residential property management to commercial real estate sales, leasing and management. He is now relationship with actress and international modal Mallika sherawat. He is man who holds the heart of Bollywood star and went to public earlier this year. Mallika sherawat is popular celebrities in the Bollywood. The two love birds allegedly met in Paris as a common friends The 41-year-old “Murderer” actress also shared a picture of her boyfriend in which she has been seen inclined against Cyrille Auxenfans because she joined the ocean in the background. The actress took it on Twitter and wrote: “Love the world is the best feeling. It seems that both are really happy in their small private heaven. If the reports are believed, both of them are getting more serious about the other and busy talking to the child.

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